Boletín de Eventos 20/02/2019

Referencia: BEDE20190507001
Título: Brokerage Event at BIONNALE 2019
The next edition of BIONNALE will take place on 7th May 2019 in Berlin. Like last year, BIONNALE 2019 will focus on biotechnology, pharmaceutical industries and medical technologies. There will be again lectures on various topics, a speed lecture award for young scientists as well as a brokerage event to promote new partnerships. Companies can present their projects in the cooperation track.
Fecha Límite:05/05/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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Referencia: BEFI20190320001
Título: Energy match -matchmaking event at Vaasa energy week 2019
On March 20th, in Vaasa (Finland), Enterprise Europe Network organises the brokerage event Energy match in the framework of the annually organized Vaasa Energy Week (18th – 21st of March), the place where the EnergyVaasa cluster companies gather to network and make business. The week offers interesting events and forums for experts in both the public and private sectors. The international event is arranged for the eight time in 2019. The matchmaking event is targeted to companies and experts working in the fields of energy, in particular wind, solar and gas. All the interested particpants in the Energy Week events can participate to the matchmaking event. The matchmaking event allows the participants to meet face-to-face and start more targeted discussion about the potential cooperation.
Fecha Límite:20/03/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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Título: B2B Matchmaking focused on rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing during the fair RapidPro 2019
The RapidPro 2019 Matchmaking is organized by Enterprise Europe Network on March 13th-14th in Veldhoven (Netherlands), in addition to the 9th edition of the fair RapidPro 2019, an important international trade fair featuring solutions for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing. During the fair exhibitors show and demonstrate their latest solutions for all phases of prototyping, (low-volume) production, and product development. Visitors can also participate in a conference program. The matchmaking targets a wide spectrum of companies, visitors and delegates from all over Europe, interested in sharing new projects ideas, collaboration partners and business opportunities.
Fecha Límite:13/03/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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Título: Pharma, cosmetic and biotech brokerage event at Farmaforum 2019 (Madrid, 29th March)
Within the framework of Farmaforum 2019, Enterprise Europe Network will organize an international brokerage to find possible technological and commercial partners. The main objective of the event is to create a meeting forum for companies, research institutes, universities and other organizations that are actively engaged within the field of Life Sciences: pharma, biopharma, cosmetic and lab technology. Participants may provide opportunities for collaboration through pre-agreed bilateral meetings. Organizations must log in the event platform and include a cooperation profile.
Fecha Límite:26/03/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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Título: Oil & Gas business meetings at OMC 2019 (Offshore Mediterranean Conference & Exhibition)
Enterprise Europe Network will organise the 4th edition of a brokerage event dedicated to the Oil&Gas industry in the framework of OMC 2019 – 14th Offshore Mediterranean Conference & Exhibition (Ravenna, Italy, 27-29 March 2019). The focus of OMC 2019 is: “Expanding the Mediterranean Energy Sector: Fuelling Regional Growth”. Started in 1993 as a regional event, in its 25 years of activity OMC has experienced a remarkable growth in terms of attendance figures, exhibiting companies and conference quality, achieving an international status. It is now worldwide recognized as a key event within the Oil & Gas sector, the Offshore Industry and the related services. Through pre-arranged b2b meetings exhibitors and visitors will have the opportunity to meet potential business and technology partners concerning Oil & Gas and all the related sectors (drilling and downhole technology, offshore platforms, marine equipment, pipeline products and services, LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) Production Technology…).
Fecha Límite:08/03/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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Título: Inn2Power B2B matchmaking event offshore wind Groningen
A business to business matchmaking event on offshore wind will be organised on the 15th of March 2019 in Groningen, the Netherlands. The event is jointly organised by the Enterprise Europe Network and the Interreg Inn2Power project. It brings together companies from the offshore wind industry from multiple European countries. The brokerage event is the fifth edition of business to business matchmaking events organised in the context of the project and will now be hosted in Groningen. The previous editions were succesfull with close to 200 participants. The target audience for the event are companies and organisations active in the offshore wind industry, both buyers and sellers. Areas of activity include amongst others manufacturing of wind turbines, operations and maintenance, offshore wind park planning and project development, grid operation and energy storage, new materials, etcetera.
Fecha Límite:12/03/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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Título: Copernicus meets Galileo – Earth observation – Navigation – GeoIT – Conference – Workshops – Matchmaking
Enterprise Europe Network will organize in Bochum (Germany) on May 8th-9th a conference on Copernicus and Galileo technology and combine it with workshops and a matchmaking session. The objective is to offer a marketplace that will enable know-how and technology transfer. Application topics are: – energy industry/renewable energies – mining/post-mining – agriculture/forestry – smart cities/urban monitoring – maritime and inland navigation – water management – environmental and nature conservation, climate protection – transport and mobility Companies, research institutes and universities with interest in tranfer of know-how or technology or joint projects are welcome to register.
Fecha Límite:09/05/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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Título: Innovation Village Brokerage Event 2019
Enterprise Europe Network organises the 4th edition of INNOVATION VILLAGE BROKERAGE EVENT 2019, a two days of bilateral meetings and roundtables among companies, start-ups, research centres and universities. It will take place in Portici (Naples, Italy) on April 4th-5th, in the framework of Innovation Village 2019, the fair of innovation and technology transfer, and aims at giving visibility to innovative companies, institutions, associations and decision makers by creating moments of direct encounter and promoting insights on current issues and strategies in the following areas: – intelligent energy (renewable energy, energy saving, smart grid) – sustainable construction, – green and circular economy, – digital and advanced manufacturing, – materials and raw materials, – IT, ICT, IOT
Fecha Límite:20/03/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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Título: Brokerage event FOWT 2019 dedicated to Floating Offshore Wind Turbines
FOWT (Montpellier, France, April 24th-25th) is the world’s largest event dedicated to floating offshore wind turbines. A true international and privileged place for business and partnering. In this context, the Enterprise Europe Network organizes B2B meetings. They have been conceived as a platform of partnerships offering you the opportunity to meet business, technical and financial partners, to participate in R & D projects and to expand your international professional network in the floating offshore wind turbines.
Fecha Límite:24/04/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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Título: Windforce 2019: wind energy brokerage event
On May 21 Enterprise Europe Network is organising a b2b-matchmaking at the Windforce conference 2019 in Bremerhaven (Germany). Around 250 experts from the wind energy sector from Germany and Europe are expected to participate in the conference. The annual WINDFORCE Conference offers a varied programme for and by deciders and experts of the national and inter-national offshore wind industry. Participants are invited to discuss, meet deciders and experts of the wind industry in interactive sessions. The WINDFORCE Dinner and the b2b matchmaking offer excellent networking opportunities. We invite SMEs, universities and R&D organisations active in the wind energy sector to participate and thus find commercial, technological or research partners from Europe and beyond.
Fecha Límite:15/05/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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Título: Greencities: International Brokerage Event on Smart Cities
Enterprise Europe Network is organising in Málaga on March 27th-28th the B2B Greencities Brokerage Event. It is a very special interesting Smart Cities forum, as it is stated in the Spanish “National Smart Cities Plan” that mentioned it as one of the three most important forums in Spain, and the only one that has an international orientation, counting also with Latin-American cities. Another key difference is that there is a wide representation of Spanish cities and more than 50 of them are represented at the networking. Besides the exhibition hall, and the networking area Greencities houses the ICTs & Sustainability forum, a space that holds round tables and conferences where first level experts will generate debate in strategic themes and where smart city goals will be presented, as well as the Smart Lab that will hold the tenth edition of the International Greencities Congress and the second of the Circle Economy Forum, and the elevator pitch where commercial presentation will be presented.
Fecha Límite:22/03/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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Título: 5th International B2B Software Days 2019 – The Future of Digital Business
Enterprise Europe Network organises on March 14th-15th in Vienna (Austria) the brokerage event “5th International B2B Software Days 2019”. Learn more about the latest trends in digital business and find international cooperation partners for research, technology and business projects! Spend two interesting days with: – inspiring keynote speeches – pre-arranged B2B meetings – pitching for start-ups and scale-ups looking for investment – thematic workshops focusing on latest trends in AI, open data, HR, Eureka, access to international markets, Fireware, Visual Computing, Gaming and how to collaborate with corporates. The event is free of charge and primarily targets companies and R&D institutions looking for technological, research and business cooperations. Consulting companies without technical expertise in digital business are not target group of this event.
Fecha Límite:28/02/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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Título: Brokerage Event @ World of Industries (WIN) 2019, 360° Manufacturing Industry Exhibition and Conferences
WIN Fairs (Istanbul, Turkey, 15-16th March) will consist of 6 Trade Fairs Under One Roof: 1) International Materials Handling, Supply Chain Management, Intralogistics Fair, 2) International Energy, Electric and Electronic Technologies Fair, 3) International Sheet Metal Processing, Metal Cutting and Metal Forming Technologies Fair, 4) International Surface Treatment Technologies Fair, 5) 25th Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives Fair, 6) International Joining, Welding and Cutting Technologies Fair. During WIN 2019 Exhibition and Conferences there will be a Brokerage event organized by the Enterprise Europe Network.
Fecha Límite:15/03/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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Título: IoT/AI/Robotics brokerage event @ SIdO (The IoT Showroom) in Lyon, France
You are welcome to participate to IoT Match @ SIdO 2019, international business meetings supported by Enterprise Europe Network. It will take place in Lyon (France) on April 10th-11th. This brokerage event is open for all participants (companies, clusters, R&D institutions) interested in cooperating in the frame of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and robotics sectors. The brokerage event targets the 3 technologies groups of IoT, AI & Robotics + applications markets : – Internet of Things (5G, autonomous vehicles, blockchain, cloud, cryptocurrencies, machine to machine, parts/kits, printing/scanning, processors/chips, protocols / telecom / infrastructures, quantum computing, sensors / sensor networks) – Robotics (consumer robotics, industrial robotics, hardware for robots, software for robots, UAVs / Drones) – Artificial Intelligence (algorithms, AR/MR/VR, data analytics, data collection, digital assistant, facial/visual recognition, machine learning, voice/sound recognition) – Applications markets (agrifood/agritech, customer experience, energy & utilities, healthcare, home, lifestyle/entertainment, manufacturing industry, transport & logistics, security & safety, smart city, other)
Fecha Límite:09/04/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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Título: Biobased Barcamp – 3rd Biobased Economy Conference
Biobased economy, resource efficiency, value from waste, re-use of side streams, circular value creation, blue growth, green products, costs and benefits of economic transformation: all these topics can be discussed at #Biobased #Barcamp, Potsdam (Germany), on April 11 and 12, 2019. With our #Biobased #Barcamp we provide an open space for the regional and international bioeconomy community to discuss your ideas, projects, issues, challenges and visions. Our goal is to connect participants from different sectors and regions, so that you cooperate, innovate and create value for new biobased value chains together.
Fecha Límite:31/03/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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Título: B2B Meetings in Water management at Cycl’Eau Fair: technologies and services
Cycl’eau (Bordeaux, France, April 10th – 10th) is a French leading trade fair for water resource management. It offers a unique array of technologies and services for water management including water treatment, distribution, sanitation, smart water, as well as solutions for process efficiency and networks management. This Brokerage event is dedicated to: – Water management and energy professionals – Local authorities, Industry and Municipalities – Manufacturers or suppliers of water management equipment and services – Project developers
Fecha Límite:10/04/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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El equipo GALACTEA-PLUS de FICYT: Elena Suárez, Inés Rey y Carlos Encinas.

Teléfono: 985207434 e-mail: | Contacto : Equipo Galactea-Plus.

Participa en el evento de búsqueda de socios Murcia Food 2019 mayo 14 – mayo 15

Los días 14 y 15 de mayo de 2019 tendrá lugar en Murcia la 9ª edición de MURCIA FOOD 2019, evento de búsqueda de socios organizado por la Agencia de Desarrollo Regional de la Región de Murcia (INFO) en colaboración con AINA (Instituto de Tecnología Agroalimentaria) y el Centro Tecnológico de Alimentos y Conservas.

El consorcio Galactea Plus participa en la coorganización de este evento en el marco de la Red Enterprise Europe Network – Red EEN.

El evento presentará las últimas creaciones en el campo de la tecnología de los alimentos, proporcionando a las empresas de diferentes países la oportunidad de mantener reuniones bilaterales para establecer futuros acuerdos de cooperación tecnológica. En esta edición se hará especial hincapié en la búsqueda de socios para proyectos de consorcios de Horizonte 2020.

Las áreas temáticas a las que va dirigido el evento son:

  • Diseño higiénico de instalaciones y seguridad alimentaria
  • Biotecnología
  • Economía circular
  • Tecnología de conservación. Embalaje activo e inteligente
  • Procesos de automatización y control

En el encuentro anterior, que tuvo lugar en el año 2017, se celebraron 730 reuniones bilaterales entre 404 participantes de 13 países.

Este encuentro empresarial internacional está dirigido a empresas, universidades, centros tecnológicos e institutos de investigación de toda Europa con ofertas y demandas de tecnología alimentaria avanzadas o innovadoras.

Las entidades interesadas en participar deben inscribirse en la web del evento y solicitar entrevistas bilaterales hasta el 3 de mayo.

En el momento de inscripción seleccionar como ”support office” ES-Instituto para la Competitividad Empresarial de Castilla y León. Puede consultar cualquier duda escribiendo a

19th meeting of the Thematic Group EU Research

FICYT has taken part in the 19th meeting of the Thematic Group EU Research from the Enterprise Europe Network. The meeting took place in Dusseldorf on the 13th and the 14th of February and representatives from the European Commission attended several sessions to give relevant information about the progress on the new programme Horizon Europe.


Participa en el evento de búsqueda de socios Farmaforum 2019

El 29 de Marzo va a tener lugar en Madrid (España), el evento de búsqueda de socios Farmaforum 2019, en el marco del Congreso Internacional FARMAFORUM, COSMETICAFORUM Y BIOTECHFORUM 2019. El consorcio Galactea Plus colabora en la organización de este evento a través de la Red Enterprise Europe Network.

Las temáticas a las que va dirigida el evento son:

  • Farmacia
  • Salud
  • Cosméticos
  • Bio-industrias
  • Biotecnología en cosmética

Este encuentro empresarial es el evento perfecto para las empresas farmacéuticas y cosméticas, industrias de biotecnología, diagnóstico y ensayos clínicos  proveedores de laboratorio y universidades e institutos, para encontrar socios a través de entrevistas bilaterales previamente concertadas.

Las empresas interesadas en participar en el evento pueden inscribirse en la web del evento hasta el 26 de marzo.

Si necesita asesoramiento puede contactar con nosotros a través del correo electrónico