SME-Instrument phase 2 – A French SME is looking for partners in microbiology and urban agriculture for the development of an innovative dry-vermicomposting toilet

A French SME, which is pioneer in the field of public toilets with vermicomposting method, is preparing a SME Instrument phase 2 proposal. The project is aiming at developing dry toilets integrated into storey buildings with the possibility to transform waste into agricultural resources. To achieve this project, partners in the field of microbiology and urban agriculture with skills in agronomy are sought for a Research & Development cooperation agreement.
Reference: RDFR20181220001
Country: France
Submitted: Jan 22 2019
Updated: Feb 05 2019

Market: Construction companies, Distribution of building products and systems
Technology: Apparatus Engineering, Microbiology , Prototypes, trials and pilot schemes
NACE: Other manufacturing n.e.c.