BÚSQUEDA DE SOCIOS «Winbiocheck» Abstract: The objective is to develop a small portable device based on electrochemical biosensors for the detection of compounds relevant for grape diseases and wine defects (e.g detection of Botrytis cinérea and laccase activity in grapes).
Expertise Needed: 1 SME involved with sensors/electrodes manufacturing or analytical kits interested to manufacture the new sensors/ kits; 1 wine producer or wine research institute to evaluate the new sensors (possibly proposing other applications).

BÚSQUEDA DE SOCIOS «WoolBiomat» Abstract: The project is focussed on the following directions: comparing different eco-friendly methods (chemical, enzymatic or microbial) for conversion of worthless raw wool waste in value added products and selection of the most performant one; setting out the optimal values of process parameters leading to biocompounds useful as fertilizers or feed additives, or to biopolymers formulated as nanoparticles for cosmetic or drug delivery application.
Expertise Needed: SMEs interested in the research area specified above with expertise in raw wool and/or nanotechnology.  

BÚSQUEDA DE SOCIOS «THERMO-KIDNEY» Abstract: The product that we intend to develop is a step forward regarding medical devices based on contact thermography and intended for the detection and localization of early kidney cancers. The kidney temperatures are sampled with an array of sensors and the difference field and the normalized field of temperatures are computed. Any anomaly in these fields may indicate the presence of a tumour.
Expertise Needed: partners able to design and develop electronic equipment.

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