H2020 FTI company search to optimize and develop a market niche (families living in EU mountain areas) innovative cogeneration system fueled by very low cost energy source as forestry wastes

An Italian mechatronics engineering company is developing a proposal for H2020-FTI cut-off 22-10-2019 to validate an innovative micro-cogeneration system fueled by forestry wastes having Stirling engine. Searched partners (by 15 September) – SME skilled in production and sale of biomass boilers – SME / Research Center skilled in heat exchange / Stirling systems – commercial distributors.
Reference: RDIT20190705001
Country: Italy
Submitted: Jul 05 2019
Updated: Jul 08 2019

Market: Biomass and Biofuels, Combined heat and power (co-generation) , Energy for private/domestic housing
Technology: Combined heat and power (CHP) engines, Heat exchangers , Micro-generation and grid connection , Process optimisation, waste heat utilisation , Solid biomass
NACE: Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering