Una mirada futurista al arte


Bringing ancient art to life
The Enterprise Europe Network recruits a museum for an EU-funded research project that will use state-of-the-art technology to delve below the surface of ancient artefacts.

Treelogic S.L. is an R&D-intensive SME in northern Spain offering ICT solutions from patient-tracking systems to eGovernment portals. Always on the lookout for new opportunities, it answered an EU funding call for technology-based research into historical objects.

For help finding a museum partner Treelogic turned to the Inès Rey Hidalgo (GalacteaPlus – FICYT) , one of 3,000 Network experts worldwide helping SMEs access EU funding.

Eight days later, Network colleague Evgeny Kossev with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Stara Zagora in southern Bulgaria suggested the Regional Museum of History for the job. He then helped prepare the documents for the first-time applicant.

With €2.9 million in EU funding, Treelogic will use a radar-like device to create two- and three-dimensional digital images of several artefacts from the museum’s collection revealing new details beneath the surface. “We hope to unveil secrets invisible to the human eye,” says Javier Gutiérrez Meana, Treelogic’s project manager.

Besides adding the images to the European cultural portal for widespread distribution, Treelogic will use them to develop smartphone applications for more interactive exhibits at the Stara Zagora museum.

“We can use innovative technologies to popularize cultural heritage,” predicts Zhivko Simitev, the Museum’s project coordinator. “I would recommend the Network to any cultural institution.”

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