PCP “ProEmpower”: Greek ICT SME is interested to develop a tool for diabetic patients and looking for either a group of medical care specialists of diabetes or a relevant research organization to submit a proposal

A Greek IT SME is interested to submit a bid in the tender announced by the PCP “ProEmpower” for the development of an IT tool for diabetes. The tool aims to mobilize patients and medical staff facing diabetes. The company is looking for either a group of medical care specialists or a research organization related to diabetes.
Reference: RDGR20180211001
Country: Greece
Submitted: Feb 11 2018
Updated: Feb 20 2018

Market: Other therapeutic (including defibrillators), Patient rehabilitation & training , Therapeutic services
Technology: Clinical Research, Trials, Diagnostics, Diagnosis , Medical Research

Looking for partners for developing high performance composites utilizing bacterial nanocellulose

A government-funded Korean research institute is preparing for a project proposal under M-era.NET in 2018. The main goal of the joint research is to create high performance composites utilizing bacterial nano cellulose materials and to further develop process for forming sheets and application studies. To this end, the institute seeks partners specialized in bacterial nano cellulose materials. A reliable and technological company, university, and a laboratory are all welcomed to join for R&D.
Reference: RDKR20180112001
Country: South Korea
Submitted: Jan 12 2018
Updated: Feb 17 2018

Market: Fibre-reinforced (plastic) composites
Technology: Composite materials

H2020-Clean Sky 2: Industry or academics with in-house Electron Beam Melting machines sought for process optimization

A French engineering company with high expertise in thermomechanics and materials for additive manufacturing in the aerospace sector is developing a proposal for the 7th Clean Sky Call (topic LPA-01-37-Next Generation Low Pressure Turbine Airfoils by ALM). The project aims at developing and assessing alloys by a power bed Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) process. An industrial or academic partner owning Electron Beam Melting (EBM) machine is sought to set-up and optimize the process.
Reference: RDFR20180125001
Country: France
Submitted: Jan 25 2018
Updated: Jan 30 2018

Market: Chemicals and Materials, Other industrial equipment and machinery
Technology: Aerospace Technology, Industrial Manufacture , Metals and Alloys
NACE: Engineering activities and related technical consultancy

SPACE outreach and education

H2020 DT-SPACE-08-BIZ-2018: SPACE outreach and education
An Italian university is looking for a partner with expertise on dissemination and explotation activities to be included in the “H2020 DT-SPACE-08-BIZ-2018: SPACE outreach and education” topic published in H2020 work programme 2018.
The preferred partner is an EU SME with experience in dissemination and PR activities (H2020 dissemination experience is preferred).

Type of collaboration: research cooperation agreement
Reference: RDIT20171218001
Country: Italy
Submitted: Jan 09 2018
Updated: Jan 24 2018KEYWORDS

Market: Advertising and public relations, Media related services
Technology: Citizens participation, Creative services , Education and Training , Information and media, society
NACE: Educational support activities, Research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities