Eurostars: Norwegian SME with a technology that reduces moisture in building constructions and fridge and freezer compartments seeking partner that can test and implement the innovation

The Norwegian SME has developed a technology which extracts moisture out of building constructions and fridge and freezer compartments. They seek partners for a Eurostars project who can test the technology in bathrooms/housing constructions and also in fridge and freezer compartments. The aim of the test is to document the consequence of the reduction on renovation costs of the building construction. Regarding the fridge/freezers the aim of the test is to document the energy reduction level.
Reference: RDNO20190130001
Country: Norway
Submitted: Feb 04 2019
Updated: Feb 12 2019

Market: Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems
Technology: Construction engineering (design, simulation), Construction maintenance and monitoring methods & equipment , Digital Systems, Digital Representation , Management of construction process & life , Materials, components and systems for construction
NACE: Other information service activities n.e.c., Other specialised construction activities n.e.c.

URGENT ERA Per Med Call 2019: Italian R&D Institution is looking for foreign SMEs to be involved in a transnational research project on cryo-stimulation for obese patients

Italian Research Hospital located in Piedmont Region is preparing a project proposal for the Call ERA Per Med 2019 – Joint Transnational Call for proposals for “Personalised Medicine: Multidisciplinary Research” – which aims at improving the cure and methodologies for obese patients. The hospital is looking for companies (notably SMEs) active in the field of thermographic instrumentation and/or with clinical expertise in obesity. Partner search is restricted to ERA Per Med member countries.
Reference: RDIT20190212001
Country: Italy
Submitted: Feb 12 2019
Updated: Feb 12 2019

Market: Chromatographs and related laboratory equipment, Endocrinology , Other analytical and scientific instrumentation , Other clinical medicine
Technology: Clinical Research, Trials
NACE: Hospital activities

SME-Instrument phase 2 – A French SME is looking for partners in microbiology and urban agriculture for the development of an innovative dry-vermicomposting toilet

A French SME, which is pioneer in the field of public toilets with vermicomposting method, is preparing a SME Instrument phase 2 proposal. The project is aiming at developing dry toilets integrated into storey buildings with the possibility to transform waste into agricultural resources. To achieve this project, partners in the field of microbiology and urban agriculture with skills in agronomy are sought for a Research & Development cooperation agreement.
Reference: RDFR20181220001
Country: France
Submitted: Jan 22 2019
Updated: Feb 05 2019

Market: Construction companies, Distribution of building products and systems
Technology: Apparatus Engineering, Microbiology , Prototypes, trials and pilot schemes
NACE: Other manufacturing n.e.c.

Partner Search for EUREKA Project: Bee Hive Sensing for predicting the risk of colony collapse

A Turkish company is preparing a proposal for EUREKA Network Projects for developing a new technology for controlling all hives remotely by using a smart phone app. Company has already partnered with a Turkish University and currently looking a partner for developing cloud system for IoT app and IOS and/or Android telephone apps and another partner for improving alternative treatments for Varroa mites.
Reference: RDTR20190121001
Country: Turkey
Submitted: Jan 21 2019
Updated: Jan 31 2019

Market: Artificial intelligence related software
Technology: Analysis Risk Management, Cloud Technologies , Databases, Database Management, Data Mining , Internet of Things , Remote Control