Seeking partners to cooperate development of coating materials and products for smart windows

Eureka Eurostars2
A Korean SME is looking for partners to collaborate on a Eurotars2 project proposal. The project aims to develop and improve adhesive coating technology and display printing industrial technology in the field. Thus, the company is looking for partners related to energy efficiency in building by submitting a proposal of Eureka and Eurostars2 under research cooperation agreement.
Reference: RDKR20190708001
Country: South Korea
Submitted: Jul 08 2019
Jul 17 2019

Market: Coatings and adhesives manufactures, Speciality/performance chemicals
Technology: Building materials, Glass , Plastics, Polymers

A Belgian research organisation is looking for an olive oil producer in Greece, Italy or Spain to participate in a project proposal for the H2020 call BBI-2019-SO2-R5

A Belgian research organisation is looking for an olive oil producer in Greece, Italy or Spain to take part in a project proposal under the H2020 call BBI-2019-SO2-R5: Convert plant oils and fats into safe high-added-value products for various applications, with a deadline of 4 September 2019. This partner will have to provide timely representative samples of their wastewater, solid and liquid and to describe the flows of the production processes, indicating the constraints.
Reference: RDBE20190702001
Country: Belgium
Submitted: Jul 10 2019
Updated: Jul 15 2019

Market: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products, Health food
Technology: Agriculture Machinery / Technology, Food Processing
NACE: Post-secondary non-tertiary education

Eurostars: A French technological center and a French R&D performing SME are looking for SME partners to develop and refine altogether a novel polymer-derived ceramic based material for 3D printing

A French technological center and a French R&D SME are looking for research and industrial partners (SMEs) to integrate into their consortium. They are developing a project for the September 2019 Eurostars call, focused on developing and refining an innovative polymer-derived ceramic based material for 3D printing. The material will be more cost-efficient, and with properties comparable to the current state of art. The sought partners shall be acquainted with 3D printing and printable materials.
Reference: RDFR20190709001
Country: France
Submitted: Jul 11 2019
Updated: Jul 13 2019

Market: Ceramics, Polymer (plastics) materials
Technology: 3D printing, Ceramic Materials and Powders , Composite materials
NACE: Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c., Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering

BBI2019 RIA Bio-based textile finishing and Polymer compounding

Italian researchers, active in the study (catalysis, synthesis, structure-properties relationship and applications) of synthetic and natural macromolecules, are looking for two partners with expertise one in textile finishing formulations and the other in bio-based polymer compounding. The partners are requested to complete a consortium for an H2020 call (BBI-RIA Bio-based Industries Research and Innovation action) to develop bio-based functional textile products.
Reference: RDIT20190710001
Country: Italy
Submitted: Jul 10 2019
Updated: Jul 12 2019

Market: Polymer (plastics) materials, Textiles (synthetic and natural)
Technology: Advanced Textile Materials, Biopolymers , Finisher related to Textiles Technology , Plastics, Polymers
NACE: Finishing of textiles, Manufacture of plastics in primary forms