Horizon 2020 Health Partnering Event en Bruselas

Open Info Day, Horizon 2020 ‘Health, demographic change and wellbeing’

El pasado día 3 de julio participamos en Open Info Day, Horizon 2020 ‘Health, demographic change and wellbeing’ . Bajo el principio de ‘mejor salud para todos’ Horizon 2020’s Societal Challenge 1 (Health, demographic change and wellbeing) se enfoca en:

  • Atención y salud personalizada
  • Enfermedades infecciosas y mejora de la salud mundial.
  • Sistemas de salud innovadores y sostenibles.
  • Descifrando el papel del medio ambiente para la salud y el bienestar.
  • transformación digital
  • Ciberseguridad en salud y cuidado.

Tambien en este evento se presentaron las próximas oportunidades de financiación del Reto de Salud de Horizonte 2020 y otras como IMI, EDCTP, ERA-Nets, o LEIT.

2020 Health Partnering Event

El día 4 participamos en el Horizon 2020 Health Partnering Event , evento en el que personas de diferentes países europeos y del resto del mundo (EEUU, Brasil, etc) presentaron ideas de proyectos en el área de salud .

EEN Company Mission – Innoenergy: The Business Booster

The Enterprise Europe Network is organising a company mission in Paris (France) during TBB – The Business Booster the 3rd and 4th of October 2019.

This showroom is the annual lighthouse event of the European Institute of Technology (EIT) Innoenergy. Each year, well-know speakers present innovative solutions in the energy sector. Also more than 150 exhibitors show cutting edge technologies based on scientific research and commercially viable solutions that are changing the world now.

Targeted participants are :
– SME, mid-caps and large companies wanting to explore new solutions to begin / continue / achieve their energy transition.
– Public authorities that are looking for innovative energy solutions for cities, rural areas, etc.

Humanising the energy transition.
The Business Booster is coming to Paris, France, from 3-4 October 2019!

Partners sought for development of products that apply on smart environmental sensor

[EUREKA/Eurostars2] Partners sought for development of products that apply on smart environmental sensor
The Korean SME specializes in developing and manufacturing dust / humidity / temperature sensors. They are looking for partners by submitting the proposal of Eurostars2. The project aims to develop small environmental sensor modules for plant, farm, and home which require multiple atmosphere information. Potential partners should have expertise in sensor understanding, networking, and services to enable this product to be deployed in a smart environment.
Reference: RDKR20190604001
Country: South Korea
Submitted: Jun 04 2019
Updated: Jun 15 2019

Market: Air filters and air purification and monitoring equipment, Electromedical and medical equipment , Health and beauty aids , Mobile homes
Technology: Assessment of Environmental Risk and Impact, Electrical Technology related to measurements , Environment Management Systems , Measurement and Detection of Pollution , Sensor Technology related to measurements