EUROSTARS Project looking for biobank specialised in Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune diseases

A French SME has developed a personalized medicine software platform focused to improve the management of inflammatory diseases in rheumatology. From a simple blood sample, the platform predicts the effectiveness of a treatment before its prescription based on the analysis of specifics biomarkers of the patient. The French SME is looking for a research partner specialized in blood samples and autoimmune diseases in order to test the performance of the platform within an Eurostars project
Reference: RDFR20180531002
Country: France

Market: Applications software, Database and file management , Differential diagnosis , Expert systems
Technology: Clinical Research, Trials, Diagnostics, Diagnosis , Health information management , Medical Research
NACE: Research and experimental development on biotechnology, Research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities

UK-based university with an existing consortium seeks partners for Horizon 2020 proposal in the areas around smart and healthy living at home/personalised medicine

A UK-based consortium is looking to develop a system to enable the elderly to live more independently. The innovation core to the proposal is an AI assisted personalised interface for mobile devices using learning systems, update and or change installed apps to optimise the coaching of individuals. The consortium is looking for partners, industrial and academic, who have been involved in projects around the theme of healthy living at home, to strengthen a core consortium for a proposal to H2020.
Reference: RDUK20180611001
Country: United Kingdom
Market: Safety for the elderly
Technology: Analysis Risk Management, Applications for Health , Automation, Robotics Control Systems , Digital Systems, Digital Representation
NACE: Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering, Tertiary education

UK SME seeks partners for proposal to Innovate UK Open Round 5 or 6, to develop a high-efficiency uncooled combustion engine

UK London based SME is developing uncooled internal combustion engines (ICEs) for all hybrid applications and fuels, including hydrogen. The piston/cylinder assembly is being manufactured from structural ceramics. Around one third of fuel energy is currently dissipated in cooling systems – this waste is eliminated. Partners are sought with experience in fuel delivery systems, ceramic materials, turbocharging and exhaust energy recovery for an application to Innovate UK Open Round 5 or 6.
Reference: RDUK20180411002
Country: United Kingdom
Submitted: May 18 2018
Updated: May 25 2018

Market: Combined heat and power (co-generation), Mail and package shipment , Motor vehicles, transportation equipment and parts , Power transmission equipment (including generators & motors) , Trucking
Technology: Ceramic Materials and Powders, Gaseous fossil fuel , Liquid fossil fuel
NACE: Freight transport by road, Other passenger land transport n.e.c. , Urban and suburban passenger land transport

Companies/universities working in healthcare/neuroscience for human-centric internet of skins technologies bid

MSCA-ITN-2018: Innovative Training Networks – Seeking companies/universities working in healthcare/neuroscience for human-centric internet of skins technologies bid

A UK university is seeking companies to join their Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network bid to explore cognitive rehabilitation & augmentation of human skin electronics via the Internet of Things (IoT). They seek companies working with skin sensors/implants, healthcare software and/or IoT & brain/cognitive training to contribute their expertise and collaborate via research cooperation agreement. They also seek universities working in neuroscience from Germany/France/Spain/Italy.

Reference: RDUK20180418001
Country: United Kingdom
Submitted: Apr 18 2018
Updated: May 15 2018

Market: Diagnostic equipment, Electromedical and medical equipment , Medical instruments , Systems software
Technology: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Environmental and Biometrics Sensors, Actuators , Internet of Things , Medical Biomaterials , User Interfaces, Usability
NACE: Other amusement and recreation activities, Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.