Brokerage Event on Key Enabling Technologies for industrial applications

The KETGATE partners are delighted to invite you to the
BROKERAGE EVENT on Joint Transnational Cooperation among
Key Enabling Technologies (KET) providers and SMEs.

Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) are drivers of innovation and set important impetus for an intelligent and sustainable economic growth in Europe in order to ensure the future viability of our society. The KETGATE project is an initiative supported thorugh Interreg Central Europe and the aims is to connect Business Support Organisations (BSO) and Research and Technology Organisations (RTO) in order to help SMEs accessing high-level technologies.

This KETGATE brokerage event is dedicated to six Key Enabling Technologies:
– Nanotechnologies
– Advanced Materials
– Biotechnologies
– Advanced Manufacturing Systems
– Photonics
– Micro& Nanoelectronics

During pre-arranged b2b meetings: SMEs will have the opportunity to – meet representatives of leading applied research organizations in Central Europe, – initiate cross-border contacts – present, discuss and exchange ideas about SME challenges and how innovative technologies can tackle those challenges – start up future research collaboration for the implementation of KETs solutions RTOs will have the chance to: – Meet representatives of SMEs from all Central Europe. – Learn and understand the current challenges of the industry – Present their innovative technologies and discuss them with SMEs’ representatives. – Prepare future research collaboration with transnational SMEs – Find synergetic collaborations with other RTOs in the field of key enabling technologies.

Eurostars2: Filler Technology for Beauty and Medical Usage

A Korean SME, a research-oriented venture enterprise, is looking for partners to collaborate on a Eurostars2 project proposal. The project aims to develop Filler Technology for beauty and medical usage. The SME is seeking companies, universities, or research institutes specialized in filler
Reference: RDKR20181108003
Country: South Korea
Submitted: Nov 29 2018
Updated: Dec 06 2018

Market: Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)
Technology: Medical Textiles

H2020: Operating companies dealing with ports, boats, rivers, channels or beaches monitoring are sought for use cases implementation in the topic MG-2-8-2019

A French engineering company with high expertise in drone systems is developing a proposal for the H2020 topic MG-2-8-2019. The project is aimed at developing new drone technologies to increase safety, security and efficiency of maritime transport. To complete the consortium, operating companies active in ports, boats, rivers, channels or beaches surveillance are sought to implement use cases within the project.
Reference: RDFR20181126001
Country: France
Submitted: Dec 04 2018
Updated: Dec 05 2018

Market: Airfield and other transportation services, Other transportation
Technology: Marine Environment, Water Resources Management , Water Transport
NACE: Engineering activities and related technical consultancy


New drugs applicable on cancer, obese, diabetes, Alzheimer, brain disease, inflammation, and metabolic disease

[EUREKA/Eurostars2]New drugs applicable on cancer, obese, diabetes, Alzheimer, brain disease, inflammation, and metabolic disease
A Korean company, working on the development of treatments for terminal and chronic diseases, is looking for partners to collaborate on EUREKA/Eurostars2 project proposal. The project is related to drugs, biological new medicine (therapeutic proteins, peptides, antibodies, gene treatment, immunology for cancer, immune cell therapy) technology. The company is seeking companies and research institute specialized in the cultivation of New drugs.
Reference: RDKR20181108001
Country: South Korea
Market: Drug stores
Technology: Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs