Eurostars: R&D performing SMEs with expertise in medical device development and competence in microtechnology, optoelectronics, plastic injection, data collection and analysis and mobile applications sought.

A Swiss university together with a Swiss start-up, is preparing a Eurostars proposal. The aim is to develop an innovative smart device for urine measurements. The device could be used worldwide as a personalised tracker of metabolic parameters. R&D performing SMEs already involved in the EU medical field, and with expertise in e.g. microtechnology, optoelectronics, plastic injection, data analysis and mobile applications are sought for a research cooperation.
Reference: RDCH20190603001
Country: Switzerland
Submitted: Jun 05 2019
Updated: Jun 07 2019

Market: Diagnostic services, In-vitro diagnostics
Technology: Applications for Health, Diagnostics, Diagnosis , Medical Research , Medical Technology / Biomedical Engineering , Remote diagnostics
NACE: Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering

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