Eurostars2 A Korean company is looking for R&D partners to develop an evaluation for nearly zero energy solar architecture

A Korean SME mainly focuses on solar energy conservation and eco-friendly items, using Photovoltaic (PV) modules with the aim of developing a nearly zero energy solar architecture. The company looks forward to developing ecological methodologies for greenhouse gas mitigation in the building sector, national or international application of technology, and research proposal under the Eurostar2 programme for the related area in interest with potential partners.
Reference: RDKR20190626001
Country: South Korea
Submitted: Jun 26 2019
Updated: Jul 06 2019

Market: Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems, Photovoltaics , Solar/thermal energy
Technology: Photovoltaics, Process optimisation, waste heat utilisation , Solar/Thermal energy , Thermal insulation

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