EUROSTARS2: An innovative integrated system of a cleaning robot, a monitoring drone, and solar panels

A South Korean SME specialized in solar power plant and other electric works is developing an innovative solar power plant which is combined with a cleaning robot and a monitoring drone in order to improve solar power generation. The project aims to develop a self-drive cleaning and checking robot and a managing drone to increase work efficiency. They are now seeking European partners in the field to co-develop this integrated system in the context of a EUROSTARS project.
Reference: RDKR20170427004
Country: South Korea
Submitted: Apr 27 2017
Updated: Jun 08 2017
Market: Network test, monitoring and support equipment, Photovoltaics , Process control equipment and systems , Robotics , Solar/thermal energy
Technology: Automation, Robotics Control Systems, Energy management , Generators, electric engines and power converters , Photovoltaics , Solar/Thermal energy

NACE: Distribution of electricity, Manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers , Manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatus , Manufacture of other electrical equipment , Production of electricity

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