A South-Korean SME is looking for R&D partners to develop a software program which deals with training and consulting business negotiation in English. The proposal will be submitted in the Eurostars2 call (deadline 15th Sep 2019) and is looking for partners to work on the e-learning system as well as negotiation document management system and develop the business model for commercialization of the service.
Reference: RDKR20190319001
Country: South Korea
Submitted: Mar 20 2019
Updated: Mar 23 2019

Market: Applications software, Communications processors/network management , Education software , Mobile communications, pagers and cellular radio , Program development tools/languages
Technology: Audiovisual Equipment and Communication, E-Learning , E-Publishing, Digital Content , Human Language Technologies , Mobile Communications

Si desea más información sobre la oportunidad tecnológica, envie un e-mail indicando la referencia su local EEN partner

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