Horizon 2020/ MSCA: Researcher in optoelectronics /photonic sought

• Summary:
A German precision engineering company is looking for a researcher in optoelectronics/ photonic with technical skills for the development of remote sensing devices to detect the speed of particles and objects based on the companies patented core technology. The aim is to commonly apply for a MSCA Individual Fellowship grant under Horizon 2020 (MSCA-IF-2018).
Reference: RDDE20180509001
Country: Germany
Submitted: May 09 2018
Updated: Jun 06 2018

Market: Consulting services, Industrial measurement and sensing equipment , Laser Related , Other measuring devices , Wind energy
Technology: Clean Production / Green Technologies, Optical Technology related to measurements , Remote sensing technology , Sensor Technology related to measurements , Wind energy
NACE: Manufacture of instruments and appliances for measuring, testing and navigation



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