Código EEN RDTR2020-cleansing
Title : Urgente Eureka Covid19: Programa de educación para escuelas sobre limpieza personal para evitar la propagación del coronavirus
Description: A Turkish company is one of the biggest soap manufacturers in Turkey since almost 80 years ago. Their main business is producing personal wash products. 40%of sales is to export. They are looking for a partner for their project from Spain, France, Netherlands, Denmark who are considering new Eureka Covid-19 programme. They have another association partner from Turkey, which have medicine background. The subject is about education programme for personal cleansing to specifically to schools to prevent spread of Coronavirus.

Código EEN TOCZ20200430002
Title : Equipo de protección personal con mascarilla con filtro P3 externo intercambiable hecho con tecnología de impresión 3D – Licencia gratuita para uso no comercial
Description: A Czech start-up in cooperation with industrial and university partners has developed a protective half-mask with an exchangeable P3 filter meeting the highest degree of protection. The set consists of the body of the mask printed on Hewlett-Packard MultiJet Fusion 3D printers and an external filter certified according to the EN 140:1999 norm and therefore meets the same or higher degree of protection as a FFP3 respirator. The company is offering a free-license for non-commercial usage.

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