Código EEN TOKR2020-isolation
Title : Sala móvil de presión negativa para aislamiento
Description: A Korean company has developed a mobile negative pressure isolation room (NPIR), for separation of patients against infectious diseases such as COVID 19, SARS and Ebola. The offered mobile NPIR product prevents virus release, applying negative pressure differences combined with negative pressure equipment, virus filtering system with certified HEPA filter and air circulator. And its mass production and mobile installation allow quick response to virus outbreaks (max 50 units take a week after an order in domestic market). Additionally, it is able to become a mobile hospital when the system is interlocked. It also uses VOC (volatile organic compounds) free material a s interior finish, which is harmless to human body, combining functions such as insulation, fireproof, structure and waterproof. The company is now seeking collaboration with local healthcare providers who deploy negative pressure isolation rooms in hospitals, clinical laboratories, and government, in the form of commercial agency, and distribution services agreement.

Código EEN TRFR2020-pet
Title : Búsqueda de un proveedor de láminas de PET para pantallas de protección facial
Description: In order to manufacture face protecting shields made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), a French company is looking for PET sheets suppliers.

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