BBI2019 RIA Bio-based textile finishing and Polymer compounding

Italian researchers, active in the study (catalysis, synthesis, structure-properties relationship and applications) of synthetic and natural macromolecules, are looking for two partners with expertise one in textile finishing formulations and the other in bio-based polymer compounding. The partners are requested to complete a consortium for an H2020 call (BBI-RIA Bio-based Industries Research and Innovation action) to develop bio-based functional textile products.
Reference: RDIT20190710001
Country: Italy
Submitted: Jul 10 2019
Updated: Jul 12 2019

Market: Polymer (plastics) materials, Textiles (synthetic and natural)
Technology: Advanced Textile Materials, Biopolymers , Finisher related to Textiles Technology , Plastics, Polymers
NACE: Finishing of textiles, Manufacture of plastics in primary forms

Consultas públicas abiertas (Actualizado 11/7/2019)

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  • Emisiones industriales – evaluación de las normas de la UE

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Financiación (100%) para contratar investigadores/as posdoctorales en empresas

Las Acciones Marie Sklodowska-Curie (MSCA) del Programa Horizonte 2020 apoya el desarrollo de carrera de investigadores/as. El pasado 11 de abril se abrió la convocatoria Individual Fellowships (IF) cuyo objetivo es la atracción de investigadores/as posdoctorales a instituciones y empresas con capacidad de I+D+i.

Dentro de esta convocatoria, a través del Panel Society&Enterprise, se financia la contratación de investigadores/as posdoctorales en empresas. La financiación de esta convocatoria va al 100% y cubre la contratación del investigador, una partida para los gastos de investigación y de gestión del proyecto. Este panel tiene una tasa de éxito cercana al 20% y una financiación este año de 8 millones de euros (se espera financiar 60 proyectos).

Las propuestas IF se presentan por parte de una empresa con un investigador/a que no resida y trabaje en el país de la empresa (movilidad internacionales), los proyectos tiene una duración de 24 meses. La propuesta consta de 10 páginas donde se debe describir el proyecto de investigación, la formación que recibirá el investigador/a, el impacto en la empresa, mercado, etc. La convocatoria MSCA IF 2019 cierra el próximo 11 de septiembre.

Desde el portal EURAXESS se pueden publicar ideas de proyectos para la atracción de candidatos internacionales, así como buscar perfiles de investigadores/as interesados.

Agradecemos la colaboración de Jesús Rojo, Punto Nacional de Contacto de las Acciones Marie Sklodowska-Curie (MSCA), para la elaboración de esta noticia.

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Boletín de Brokerage Events 11/07/2019


Referencia: BEDE20190906001
Título: IFA Meet&match 2019: Brokerage event on consumer electronics and home appliances
Enterprise Europe Network is organising for the 3rd time the b2b-matchmaking event IFA MEET&MATCH at IFA. IFA is the leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances and will take place from 6 – 11 September 2019 in Berlin, Germany. IFA´s main topics are: – 5G – 8K – Audio/Acoustics – Blockchain/Cryptocurrency – Digital Health – Future Mobility – Internet of Things (IoT) – Robotics – Smart City – Smart Living – TechforGood (Social Entrepreneurship) – IT Hardware & Software / VR (Virtual Reality) / AR (Augmented Reality) / MR (Mixed Reality) – Artificial Intelligence – Wearables/FitTech
Fecha Límite:30/08/2019
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Referencia: BEUK20191003001
Título: Nuclear South West Annual Showcase 2019 and Brokerage Event
This matchmaking event is part of the Nuclear South West 2019 Showcase (NSW19) that will take place in Bridgwater (United Kingdom) on October the 3rd, and the Enterprise Europe Network gives you this unique opportunity to have one-to-one meetings with key people across the whole nuclear supply chain, including New Build, Life Extension, Decommissioning, SMR and Defence. This networking event targets innovative companies, universities, researchers, public authorities and other organisations interested in sharing new project ideas and finding collaboration partners. We welcome participants who are already supplying to the nuclear sector and new entrants exploring how what they offer can add value to existing supply chains.
Fecha Límite:01/10/2019

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Referencia: BEIT20191016001
Título: Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2019
The 6th edition of Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2019 – MIT4LS will be held in Trieste (Italy) from the 16th to the 18th of October 2019. On the first day an International Conference on genomics, epigenomics and nutraceutics will take place. During the three days the event will be hosting the international brokerage event and bilateral meetings. The target is: Companies, Start-ups, Research centres, Universities, Investors, Technology parks and other public and private institutions interested in new opportunities for technological, commercial and/or research collaboration will take place.
Fecha Límite:07/10/2019

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Referencia: BEPL20191018001
Título: DRONETECH 2019 Brokerage Event
DRONETECH 2019 Brokerage Event will take place in Toruń (Poland) on October 18th and 19th. The event is addressed to all interested in the field of drone technology i.e. unmanned aircrafts and overland vehicles. It will target a wide spectrum of companies, universities, institutions, research and scientific centers from Europe and other parts of the world interested in sharing knowledge, experience, new project ideas and finding collaboration partners. The advanced measurment and recording systems integrated with those vehicles are currently widely used in industry, transport, recreation, safety, education and science. The Brokerage Event is therefore dedicated also for such target groups as administrative units within the country regions, fire and police departments, forestry or railway management units as well as agriculture, contruction, architecture, photography, oil&gas mining, sport or tourism industry.
Fecha Límite:18/10/2019
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Referencia: CMFR20191003001
Título: EEN Company Mission – Innoenergy: The Business Booster
The Enterprise Europe Network is organising a company mission in Paris (France) during TBB – The Business Booster ( the 3rd and 4th of October 2019. This showroom is the annual lighthouse event of the European Institute of Technology (EIT) Innoenergy. Each year, well-know speakers present innovative solutions in the energy sector. Also more than 150 exhibitors show cutting edge technologies based on scientific research and commercially viable solutions that are changing the world now. Targeted participants are : – SME, mid-caps and large companies wanting to explore new solutions to begin / continue / achieve their energy transition. – Public authorities that are looking for innovative energy solutions for cities, rural areas, etc.
Fecha Límite:27/09/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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Referencia: BEAT20191028001
Título: Life Science Partnering 2019
The Life Science Partnering 2019 will be held on the 28th of October 2019 in Innsbruck (Austria). Based on the successful edition last year the goal of the event is to bridge cooperation between academia and industry in Life Science. The event will be build on 3 sessions: – Keynote – Pitchings – B2B Partnering In the morning there will be keynots followed by a pitching session, where researchers from university and companies have the possibility to pitch their project ideas. In the afternoon the focus is on B2B talks involving the presenters of the morning session and all other participants. Scientists and companies will have the opportunity to establish contacts, present industrially-relevant scientific results and identify mutually-interesting areas of cooperation. Participation is free fo charge for Universities and foreign companies.
Fecha Límite:28/10/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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Referencia: BENL20190905001
Título: Eureka stakeholder conference Matchmaking
Please join us and come to the Eureka stakeholder conference ‘Creating ecosystems for innovation’ in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on September 5th. During the conference the target groups innovative industry, SMEs and knowledge institutes from inside and outside Europe will share their experiences and interests within the Eureka Network. The feedback gathered during the conference will be presented to Eureka policy makers. The results will be used to create a powerful set of innovation tools that will contribute to the creation of innovative ecosystems for the future. This event will also provide room for matchmaking with other innovative SMEs and industry representatives from Europe and beyond. In addition, information sessions will be organised about all innovation instruments offered by EUREKA.
Fecha Límite:05/09/2019
Tipo de Oportunidad Tecnológica: Eventos

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