Partners sought for EURIPIDES Project on Smart and Active Packing for Margarine Products

A Turkish company manufacturing edible fats/oils and serves to international customers is looking for technology partners from the EU countries to apply to the EURIPIDES Call under EUREKA Program for their project. The project aims to develop an active device to produce smart packaging solutions for margarine targeting the extension of the shelf-life. The Turkish company is seeking expertise on the In-Mold Labeling performance; an R&D agreement with a packing company is proposed.
Reference: RDTR20190315001
Country: Turkey
Submitted: Apr 01 2019
Updated: Apr 12 2019

Market: General food products, Other food and beverages
Technology: Food Additives/Ingredients/Functional Food, Food Microbiology / Toxicology / Quality Control , Food Packaging / Handling , Food Processing , Traceability of food
NACE: Manufacture of margarine and similar edible fats

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