UK-based SME is looking for antibody-drug conjugate partner for consortium for Eurostars proposal

Biological molecules are increasingly important as therapeutic agents, for example antibody-drug conjugates, but difficulties in production to the required amounts and quality remains a barrier. UK and Netherlands SMEs have technologies that may act synergistically to overcome this barrier.

They want to examine this using antibody drug conjugates as a test case in a Eurostars proposal and are looking for a partner with expertise in antibody-drug conjugates under a research cooperation agreement.
Reference: RDUK20190611001
Country: United Kingdom
Submitted: Jun 11 2019
Updated: Jun 12 2019

Market: Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals, Therapeutic services
Technology: Cellular and Molecular Biology, Medical Technology / Biomedical Engineering , Protein Engineering
NACE: Research and experimental development on biotechnology

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